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Peninsula Inn a Model for Local Clean Energy by Debbie Wolfe

“In addition to completing her PACE program projects, Veronica Champion, owner of the Peninsula Inn in Gulfport, also partnered with the Tesla company to facilitate the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations behind the inn. “People who have Teslas and other electric cars who want to go on vacation will want to be able to charge their cars. So, they installed two lovely charging stations. The rule is, I don’t charge. People are just able to use them as necessary,” said Champion. Tesla vehicles use a custom nozzle and other brands use a universal one, she said.”

-May 16, 2018

Innkeeper makes history with an historic property by Brian Hartz (Business Observer)

“Now, under Champion, the Peninsula Inn is making new history: It’s the first commercial building in Pinellas County to undergo an eco-overhaul thanks to funding from the federal Property Assessed Clean Energy program. The program allows property owners to pay for certain upgrades to a variety of buildings via a low-interest-rate addition to their property tax assessments. PACE can pay for new heating and cooling systems, lighting improvements, solar panels, water pumps, insulation and more.”

-March 30, 2018


Check out Gulfport’s Historic Peninsula Inn, the latest local tidbits for Pinellas County, upcoming Tampa Bay area events in February and more in the February issue of Paradise News- Your Favorite Local Magazine Covering St. Petersburg, Downtown & The Beaches.”

-February, 2018


Tampa Bay Historic Inn Shows How Small Businesses Can Save Both Energy and Costs with HVAC Renovations

“Gulfport, Florida’s Historic Peninsula Inn and its onsite restaurant Isabelle’s is set to complete comprehensive renovations that will significantly improve energy efficiency while majorly cutting utility and maintenance costs.  Read more…”

-December 4, 2017