Everything You Need to Know About the Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve


You have been dreaming of a Florida adventure for weeks, maybe months. Now is the time to make that dream a reality! The Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve near Gulfport, FL, is the perfect place to let your inner explorer come out. Take your significant other or your family on a trip they won’t forget. Hike through wetlands and forests, fish in lakes, and kayak amongst the manatees! If you love the great outdoors, then Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve is made for you. Start planning your trip to the Historic Peninsula Inn today and leave your worries behind!


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Get Lost in Nature at the Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve


Stunning Natural History

The Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve is located south of Gulfport, FL, and protects the northern shoreline of Terra Ceia, an island to the north of Palmetto and Bradenton. It is also home to Florida’s largest archeological site, with over 90 discoveries made within the preserve.


Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve covers more than 2,000 acres of wetlands, mudflats, mangrove forests, marshes, tidal ponds, oyster bars, bays, and creeks. This superb diversity of landscapes makes Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve one of the most stunning day activities. Discover its wonders through a maze of waterways and enjoy the picturesque waterfront scenery!


Ideal For a Hike

There’s nothing like a nature walk on a gorgeous sunny day. Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve satisfies nature lovers with lovely hiking trails. Drive to the boat launch area and start your journey from there. A short loop trail takes you directly to the mangrove forest. Relax to the sound of the wind in the trees and watch as giant blue herons fly overhead. You’ll feel like you are in the jungle in Jurassic Park, except that there are no raptors to worry about!


Rich Wildlife on Display

If you want breathtaking pictures of Florida’s wildlife, Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve has got you covered. You can observe a wide variety of animals here, including birds and fish. Spot herons, egrets, and cormorants as they hide in the trees, or head over to the lake and discover redfish and tarpon. If you want to add some extra fun to your adventure, you can kayak on the water! You will even see some manatees swimming right next to you.


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