Learn How to Scuba Dive at the Gulfport Dive Center‏

Gulfport Dive CenterAt this point, we’ve pretty much mastered the art of sightseeing on land. We hike, bike, ride, or fly over beautiful landscapes, snapping photos and creating a lifetime of memories. That’s basically every vacation for a modern traveler.
But why stop there? The Earth is only 24% land. The other 76% is water, a far less-explored frontier. If you’re interested in venturing into the breathtaking beauty and mystery of the underwater world, contact the Gulfport Dive Center: a Scuba Schools International Diamond Dive Center (the highest level of attainment within the SSI system). They’ll help you develop the skills you need to scuba dive safely and confidently, and open the door to a whole new world.

Learn to Dive

Diving isn’t extremely difficult, but it has a learning curve. Would-be divers must first obtain their scuba diving license in order to safely explore the oceans and rivers populating our beautiful planet. Gulfport Dive Center offers comprehensive training classes which ease you into the sport.
You start off in a safe, relaxed pool environment. The typical schedule looks like this:
3 hours of classroom time (sections 1-3)
4 hours of pool time (sections 1-3)
3 hours of classroom time (sections 4-6)
4 hours of pool time (sections 4-6)
As you can see, you’ll be well-prepared in both the theory and practice of scuba diving. Then, once you’re well-trained and comfortable, the instructors will take you to nearby Rainbow River and Lake Denton (usually) for your first real scuba diving experience.
So, if you’re considering it, what do you have to lose? They’ll provide the theory and help you gain the skills needed to experience the other 76% of the planet.

For Experienced Divers

The Gulfport Dive Center has trips for everyone, ranging from fresh-out-the-pool newbies, to intermediate, to advanced divers seeking a real adventure. If you’re interested in obtaining the rank of Advanced Diver, Master Diver, or Dive Pro, you can contact the Gulfport Dive Center for more information.
In short, the Gulfport Dive Center has something for everyone. Whether you’re donning a scuba mask for the first time or a seasoned veteran, they’ll have an adventure for you.
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