3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Chihuly Collection

Chihuly CollectionIf you love art, you don’t want to miss the Chihuly Collection, presented by the Morean Arts Center in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg.  We discussed the Morean Arts Center in a past post, but this particular collection resides in its own, unique setting.  We say ‘unique’ because this is the first installation of Chihuly art located in a building specifically built for that purpose.  And what a building it is, too!  The 10,000 square-foot setting is located in downtown St. Petersburg’s waterfront district, in the midst of the city’s most exciting area, and convenient to a multitude of galleries, restaurants, shops, and even the Salvador Dali Museum, which we previously highlighted (See Surrealist Masterpieces at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg).

Here are three good reasons you need to visit the Chihuly Collection:

  • He’s a famous artist for a reason!  If you aren’t familiar with Dale Chihuly, here’s what you need to know.  First and foremost, he’s an immensely talented glass sculptor, producing an array of stunningly ornate and vibrant works.  Those works are located in first-rate museums all across the world, including the Museum of Modern Arts in New York, in Paris’ Louvre  and even hanging over the piazza and canals of Venice.  But his permanent collection?  See #2.
  • St. Petersburg is home to his permanent collection.  The permanent collection includes spectacular large-scale installations, like the Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier (created specifically for the St. Petersburg collection) and several works from his Macchia, Ikebana, Niijima Floats, Persians, and Tumbleweeds series, which have been exhibited worldwide.  Best of all, tickets to see these extraordinary exhibits are just $14.95.
  • You can design and create your own glassblowing masterpiece.  But why stop there?  The Morean Arts Center and Chihuly Collection offer so much more!  You can design your own glassblowing masterpiece through the Chihuly Collection’s Glass Studio and Hot Shop.  The Studio offers one-on-one instruction to help you create the piece of your dreams.  If you’re there with a loved one, you can even sign up for the Hot Date in the Hot Shop.  Here, you and your partner will each receive hands-on instruction, and then collaborate to produce a single glass-blown work.  Some people return from trips with a t-shirt or a new keychain.  Why not return home with a beautiful work of your own design and creation?

The Morean Arts Center also offers an array of other media besides glassblowing.  The Center hosts the Morean Galleries, which exhibit local artists, as well as hosting rotating exhibits, classes, and child learning experiences.  You could also check out the Morean Center for Clay: one of the Southeast’s largest working potteries.  The Center for Clay offers classes and workshops with professional artists, as well as on-site exhibitions and sales.

As you can see, St. Petersburg takes its art seriously.  We hope you’ll visit and explore all of the beautiful works on display in an equally-beautiful area.

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