At the Historic Peninsula Inn, we’re taking every precaution to keep our guests safe from Coronavirus

People come to the Historic Peninsula Inn in Gulfport to relax completely. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we do business, it hasn’t changed our mission: To offer our guests the most relaxing stay possible. Here’s how you can relax, knowing we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe, whether you’re staying at the Historic Peninsula Inn or dining at Isabelle’s.

AHLA Stay Safe Guidelines

The American Hotel and Lodging Association created the Safe Stay guidelines to help hoteliers like Gulfport’s Historic Peninsula Inn ensure our guests have the safest and most sanitary experience possible while staying with us. Here at the Historic Peninsula Inn, we’ve put in place as many of these guidelines as apply to inns like ours. It’s important to everyone here that your stay be a source of calm and relaxation, not worrying about safety and cleaning.  

Housekeeping at the Historic Peninsula Inn

Our elevated approach to cleaning the common areas extends to how we handle housekeeping. To minimize contact and minimize risk to both our team members and guests, we’ve suspended daily housekeeping for all guests staying with us between two and four nights. Each room or suite has a basket where guests will find fresh towels and requested amenities. 
When we do enter your room or suite for housekeeping, we clean only with cleaning products approved for use against viruses, bacteria, and other air- and blood- borne pathogens. Our standards have always included uses these products on high-touch items and areas within your room. The remote controls, light switches, door handles, and other frequently touched items at all the rooms and suites at the Historic Peninsula Inn get sanitized with virus-killing cleaners.