Retirement location: Gulfport!

Loving the summer up north, but wishing you it could be like this forever? Or just visting someone whose already made the move?

Thinking of checking out places for retirement in Florida take a look at the list made by of the top 100 places to retire. Florida For Boomers compiled the list of only the most popular places in Florida read full article here. The sites place St Pete in 13th and our very own Gulfport in 92nd on the overall list nationwide. And both in the top 25 in Florida, specifically. The article was also highlighted by in an article writing about the fact that Gulfport is very gay friendly as is St. Pete read full article here.

So in your search come stay at the Historic Peninsula Inn which is the epitome of Gulfport living. We’d love to have you!

If you plan your trip during the summer see our special where you pay for 2 nights when you stay for 3 (Monday thru Thursday). Also check out our free guide about things to do in Gulfport, Florida.


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